B-Dry® Basement Waterproofing System


B-Dry® of Western Ohio & Monroe, MI uses the original B-Dry® basement waterproofing system. Our waterproofing system is designed to address all the ways ground water enters your basement or crawlspace as well as saturated soil conditions caused by weather.


As the water table around and under your home rises and the French Drain that was originally installed inevitably fails, the water builds up and travels over the footing and under the footing, directly into the new B-Dry® System installation. Our new installation will control the flow of water at the footer depth, and will not allow water to build up around the foundation.

In our territory we see quite a bit of "Poured Concrete" foundations which require a crack injection or secondary repair. Any seepage through the wall is directed to the B-Dry® system footer drains using a wall membrane that terminates into the B-Dry System at footer depth. Since the system does not need a filter, like other methods do, water now flows freely and is discharged from your home and is not in jeopardy of clogging like other systems.


Basement Waterproofing ImageTo Install the B-Dry® System, a 9 - 12 inch portion of the floor slab is carefully and temporarily removed. A trench is created to slope toward a drainage point. Our B-Dry waterproofing membrane, rigid sealer is placed on the interior wall. New draintiles are then installed in the trench next to the footing.

The concrete floor is then restored. Once this concrete dries, any floor covering - tile, carpet or wood floors can be installed on top of your floor slab. While the installation of the B-Dry System takes more man hours to install than other methods, this process results in a longer lasting solution to keep your basement or crawl space dry.

B-Dry® of Western Ohio's unique installation process and the proprietary materials used in our installation process address the ways water enters your basement or crawlspace and gives you lasting peace of mind to use the space as you please.


B-Dry® uses only the highest quality, American made foundation repair materials that meet the latest ICC specifications. B-Dry® only uses materials from well-established companies.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a mechanical device used to remove water from lower level areas and discharge to an upper level drainage connection. Today's sump pumps are very quiet, while producing a high volume of pumping capacity. Sump pumps are particularly helpful in wet basements. Water that arrives via the walls and floors is collected and pumped out of the home. Having a waterproofing system and/or a proper sump pump installed are options for keeping a wet lower level dry. Knowledgeable waterproofing experts, like those at B-Dry®, will be able to help you determine the best solution and whether a sump pump is needed.


We ask for just a little bit of your time to go over everything thoroughly with you at the time of the estimate.

We ask to speak with all homeowners at the time of the estimate so all questions or concerns can be answered for all parties involved.

Our consultant will arrive at the residence to assess the situation. Waterproofing may not be the solution you need. We will take some measurements, prepare an estimate and show you how and why we suggest a specific solution for your problem.

We are recognized as a leader in the waterproofing industry because we invented most of the products we use, we include the industry's best warranty, and hold ourselves to a very high standard of professionalism throughout the entire time we work with you. It's people, as well as a permanent solution, that truly makes us a great company.

We can help you determine the best solution to completely solve any problems in your basement!

We will send a professional B-Dry representative to your home to help you diagnose your problem. All at no cost to you. Please use or Online Estimate Form, and we will be happy to help you out.